Annetta Ferrante

 Integrative Health Coach

   I was born and raised in Italy. My mother is the greatest cook of the entire world. My father was an incredibly skilled master craftsman. They both nurtured my passions for great food and Interior Design.

My daughter Jordan appreciates so much the place where I grew up: centennial olive trees to climb, stunning views to admire, the tastiest food to enjoy, and most importantly the community to feel that connection!

My husband is a different person every time we travel back there: he feels alive!

I started to be interested in Holistic Health when he got sick after serving as an Airborne Infantryman for almost a decade. Along his healing journey, as his caregiver, I developed a strong interest in learning about how everything around us, can impact someone's health and well-being. 

When we moved to New York from Italy, six years ago, I experienced to feel disconnected and not so well. As a nature lover, it was easy to discover that simplicity and unity with the earth and the environment, is helpful in re-gaining what I call health instinct, allowing to return to our senses.

That discovery triggered a shift in the perception about the true meaning of health, wellness and well-being. I then decided to purse the career of Health Coach and graduated from the cutting-edge school IIN, based in NY. I also studied at the Metropolitan Institute Of Interior Design and became a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. These studies, along with Environmental Health, 

 strengthened the innate talent of creating healthy homes.